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Hi, my name is Pascal THIERY. 

I'm a vet, and I 've been working in poultry feed business for the past 12 years. I'm actually technical manager for a feed additives company for Africa and Middle East.

 I met that breed around 1985 and since then, the azawakhs are part of my life!



This is the first picture I saw about Azawakhs. Since that time, this bitch, Safo-Gara, is still my ideal dog.

I share my home with my dogs

I don't breed much. My bitches have only one or two litters in their lives, and I don't keep much pups in each litter, to be sure to find a good home for each of them.

 Up to now, i've bred quite a few champions, and i'm always working on the improvement of the breed.

All my dogs are living with me, no kennels....It's sometimes difficult to find some room on the sofa!!