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Here are some links to interresting websites




The link to this web site is stopped for the time being as i don't share neither support it's content any more

Association Burkinabé Idi du Sahel (A.B.I.S)


Azawakh Pedigree Search



Azawakhs Tombouktous (D)

Azawakhs & Salukis  Hadi el Basher (B)

Azawakhs de Garde Epée  (F)

Azawakh Ledcameroch (UK)

Azawakhs in Finland (SF)

Azawakhs de Nulle part ailleurs (F)

Azawakhs Ak Ilaman (D)

Azawakhs Agg Amaias (D)

Azawakhs Zoun Adu (UK)

Azawakhs Idi'nIlleli (D)

Azawakhs Idiyat es Sahel (USA)

Azawakhs N'Agzir (F)

Azawakhs d' Ellendil (F)

Azawakhs & Galgos Tigidit (I)



Galgos Doma Vaquera (F)

Sloughis de le Cité du Guerrier (F)

Sloughis D'Imi-N-Tanout (F)